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Tree Tips from Our New Jersey Tree Removal Company

Check out the most recent articles from Metro Tree Care for various tree care tips, advice on proper tree removal in New Jersey, and more.

4 Steps to Having Healthy Trees

4 Steps to Having Healthy Trees Brooklyn homeowners who desire vibrant and healthy lawns make sure that their trees are in good condition. With regular maintenance and occasional tree service from an experienced lawn care and landscaping company, your trees will flourish. Read More

A Professional Shrub Trimming Offers Great Benefits

A Professional Shrub Trimming Offers Great Benefits To keep your New Jersey home's shrubs healthy and beautiful, you need to provide them with routine trimmings. To enjoy the best trimmings, you need to let yours be handled by an experienced professional such as Metro Tree Care. Read More

How to Winterize Your Trees

important tree removal Even species of trees with characteristics of plant life meant to survive the cold, winter conditions can take their toll on your trees. Even if they survive the harsh conditions, their health may be compromised. The best thing that you can do for them, is set them up for success by taking proper steps to winterize them. Read More

What To Know About Tree Trimming & Preparing For Fall & Winter

important tree removal As temperatures in New Jersey drop down into the low 70's this week, we see homeowners preparing their yards for fall and winter. Since it's only mid-September now, the average highs reach around 74 degrees, so there is still time to get the trees pruned, shrubs trimmed, and any trees removed before the daytime temperature drops into the low 60's. Read More

How Tree Trimming Can Save Your Rooftop

important tree removalWhen most people think tree trimming they think about how this benefits the tree, and rightfully so. Homeowners should be concerned with the overall health of their trees. However, it is also a good idea to make yourself aware of the other benefits that exist, including how this can actually help your roof.… Read More

Why Tree Trimming Is Important For Your Home & Your Trees

important tree removalThere is nothing quite as naturally beautiful as having a yard filled with trees. Even just the addition of a few trees to your New Jersey property can enhance the curb appeal so much.… Read More

Facts To Know About Tree Removal In North Bergen

facts about north bergen tree removalThere are many reasons to remove a tree from your North Bergen property. Sometimes a tree needs to be removed because it has been damaged by a storm or has become diseased. If trees are growing into power lines, it may need to be removed rather than trimmed or topped… Read More

3 Basic Steps To Ensure Your Bayonne Trees Get The Care They Need This Spring

tips for tree removal in bayonne, njWhile established trees might seem like they are self-sufficient, most arborists agree that healthy trees don't just get that way on their own. While trees are fairly low maintenance, you can't put in no effort and expect them to just thrive on their own. Making sure you stay on top… Read More

Tips For Tree Removal In Bayonne, NJ

tips for tree removal in bayonne, njThere are many times where it's necessary to remove a tree altogether rather than trimming it back. Storm-damaged trees very often slowly die away after they have been slammed by heavy winds. They start to get diseases when they are wounded, and then insects start attacking… Read More

Winter & Spring Tree Service Tips For North Bergen NJ

Winter & Spring Tree ServicesMany homeowners will neglect their trees over the winter. Even though your trees are dormant now, there are certain tasks that need to be done to ensure they stay healthy. This is the time of year to start taking care of your trees. Winter time is the right time for many tasks in your garden.… Read More

4 Benefits To Hiring A Professional Tree Removal Service In Secaucus

tree removal new jerseyWhen the yard to your Secaucus home is in need of some desperate attention, looking up the number to your local professional Secaucus tree removal service can help you restore your property to its naturally beautiful state. The winters here in New Jersey can ... Read More

6 Ways To Improve Your Trees With Professional Secaucus Tree Services

tree removal new jerseyFor the average Secaucus homeowner, it can be tough to know when your Secaucus trees are in need of a good trimming or pruning unless they are at the point where they are absolutely out of control. Aside from their appearances, however, it can be difficult to identify why your trees might need to be trimmed… Read More

Reasons You Need a New Jersey Tree Removal Expert

tree removal new jerseyHaving trees on the property of your New Jersey home is not just to add to the curb appeal, this provides many other benefits – even financial. Did you know that having trees as part of your landscape can add up to 20% to your property value? However, having trees also means knowing when you need to deal with letting a professional take one or more of them down. … Read More

How Your Trees Will Benefits From Professional Tree Trimming in New Jersey

tree trimming new jerseyOne of the responsibilities that comes with being a homeowner is that you have to deal with the need for tree trimming or pruning. While they are often thought to be one in the same, tree pruning is generally the approach taken for lighter work while trimming is more involved. Either way, at some point you are going to be faced with the need to address this service … Read More

Why You Need Regular Tree Maintenance in New Jersey

new jersey tree removal companyBeing a New Jersey homeowner often means you have a long to-do list to take care of. From cutting the lawn to getting your shower repaired to finally getting your basement finished. It can be easy to overlook the very real importance of getting regular tree pruning, trimming and other essential services … Read More

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