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Facts To Know About Tree Removal In North Bergen

tree removal north bergenThere are many reasons to remove a tree from your North Bergen property. Sometimes a tree needs to be removed because it has been damaged by a storm or has become diseased. If trees are growing into power lines, it may need to be removed rather than trimmed or topped.

Trees that grow too close to a structure should be taken down so they don't eventually grow into them. Trees are often cut down because they produce undesirable litter on the lawn. And sometimes trees are removed to allow more sunlight for grass to grow.

Whatever the reason for tree removal, it's important to hire a New Jersey Tree Service Company to do the work. Removing trees is dangerous and can destroy thousands of dollars worth of assets.

Guide To Safe Tree Removal

You should never attempt to remove a tree yourself. It's logical to think that if you remove some branches first, that you could take down a tree. However, it simply isn't worth the risk of your life or health or the risk of your property.

Even with tree trimming, the United States Department of Agriculture says to have a very good reason to remove trees larger than about 4" in diameter and to avoid risking your safety by pruning the trees early before they reach this size.

It's best to hire a professional North Bergen tree removal service rather than taking a risk. Professionals like us here at Metro Tree Care have the experience and the equipment to remove this size of tree and larger.

What To Do About Removing Or Trimming The Neighbor's Trees

If a neighbor's tree has fallen and damaged your fence or property, call your insurance company first. You and the neighbor may be responsible for the problem.

If your neighbor's trees are growing into your fence or a structure on your property, call the city and report it. They will probably require the neighbor to cut the trees as necessary.

If the branches on a neighbor's tree are extending into your yard, you can most likely cut them back but be sure to check with city code compliance first.

What To Do About Removing Trees Growing Close To Power Lines

Power companies ask that you call them to trim or remove trees or limbs that are growing within 10 feet of high voltage power lines. This includes hiring a tree removal service. They are concerned with your safety as well as the safety of the electrical system.

The low voltage electrical service drop line that runs to your property from the pole to the meter is different. Power companies won't trim trees growing in this area. You should never try to trim or remove trees growing to your home's power lines. Call a tree removal service to do it for you.

If you have questions or need tree removal service in North Bergen, please call Metro Tree Care at 201-478-3240 or complete our online request form.

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