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How to Winterize Your Trees

tree winterizing

Even species of trees with characteristics of plant life meant to survive the cold, winter conditions can take their toll on your trees. Even if they survive the harsh conditions, their health may be compromised. The best thing that you can do for them, is set them up for success by taking proper steps to winterize them.

Tree Trimming, Pruning & Other Steps to Prep for the Cold

The isolated and exposed trees on your property are the most vulnerable ones, as they lack any type of protection from the elements. Yet, all of your trees are at some risk of negative results from exposure to the cold New Jersey climate. However, there are steps to take in order to help minimize the effects, as well as the potential resulting damage.

For young trees and tropicals, such as palms, you want to be able to safeguard them from cold stress. This, as the name would imply, is the stress that occurs as a result from the rapid and drastic change from daytime heat to freezing temps overnight. Wrapping the bark is the best way to prevent this type of stress.

Wildlife may also cause problems for your trees in the winter, as animals like mice, squirrels and deer chew away bark in an effort to find a food source. One trick to try, to deter mice, is to leave a gap between where mulch ends and tree begins. You're still helping keep the root system warm, but not providing these rodents with a place to hide to approach the tree. For pests like rabbits and deer, try wire mesh enclosures or paint-on repellents.

Your tree branches become more brittle in the cold and drought conditions. That makes them more easily susceptible to damage from wind, ice and snow accumulation. In order to prevent this from happening, you have to let a professional address your need for proper fall maintenance, including tree pruning. Trimming away even one weak and vulnerable limb can greatly reduce the damage risk for the entire tree. Have your dead branches removed and help make your trees ready to take on whatever Old Man Winter has to deliver.

Get More Expert Advice

At Metro Tree Care, tree care is our specialty, it is all we do. So it is important to us to be able to assist our customers in taking the best care of their trees, by getting the best care for their trees. Together, we can work to help protect your trees from the elements, all year long.

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