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Tips For Tree Removal In Bayonne, NJ

tree removal new jerseyThere are many times where it's necessary to remove a tree altogether rather than trimming it back. Storm-damaged trees very often slowly die away after they have been slammed by heavy winds. They start to get diseases when they are wounded, and then insects start attacking. Before you know it, your beautiful shade tree has to come down before it starts falling down around you.

Also, any tree that grows too close to the house, the fence line, or any other structure should be removed. It's best to take them down early before they get to a massive height and weight. Here are some more Bayonne tree removal tips that you need to know from our experts at Metro Tree Care.

Safe Tree Removal

First of all, unless you are an experienced tree trimmer, never try to remove a tree yourself. While you may think that cutting off some branches first is all it takes, there is a lot more to it that is very risky. You don't want to put your life or health on the line just to get rid of an old tree.

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture advises homeowners not to remove trees that are 4" in diameter or more without good reason because it isn't safe. You can avoid having to remove the trees on your property by cutting them down before they grow too tall or pruning them for shape when they are young.

It's always better to hire a professional New Jersey tree service for removal rather than risking it yourself. Not only could you suffer injury, you could damage the roof, fence, or other structures on your property.

Should I Cut Trees Growing Toward Power Lines?

Never remove a tree or cut a tree yourself that is growing close to power lines. It's highly dangerous for you and the community.

For trees growing into the electrical service drop line that runs to your property, you are responsible for hiring someone to remove or trim them. If the tree is located within 10 feet of the main high-voltage power lines, call your power company to deal with it. They will hire a tree removal service for you because they want to ensure the electrical system stays safe and you do as well.

Can I Remove My Neighbor's Trees If It's Damaging My Property?

If a neighbor's tree is growing into your fence or another structure on your property, it's different than removing a fallen tree that has landed on your property. Either way, call your homeowner's hazard insurance company first because it may be their responsibility or yours. It will be nice for you not to worry about it if they have to take care of it.

If the case is where the neighbor's tree is growing into a structure on your property, you can call the city to report it. They may require the neighbor to cut down the tree. Also, check with your insurance company as they may be able to get the neighbor to deal with it.

If the tree is just growing over your property, you may be able to cut them back yourself, but check with the local authorities who handle city code compliance first.

If you have questions or need Tree Removal Service in Bayonne, New Jersey, please call 201-478-3240 or complete our online request form.

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