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What To Know About Tree Trimming & Preparing For Fall & Winter

tree trimming new jersey As temperatures in New Jersey drop down into the low 70's this week, we see homeowners preparing their yards for fall and winter. Since it's only mid-September now, the average highs reach around 74 degrees, so there is still time to get the trees pruned, shrubs trimmed, and any trees removed before the daytime temperature drops into the low 60's.

By November, everything should have been done to prepare for winter. By doing certain things now, the trees and shrubs will be healthier next year and there won't be a problem with heavy snow dropping dead branches on the house.

Here are a few key things that need to be checked off the to-do list before the weather turns too cold.

Tree Trimming

This is the time of year when certain trees need to be pruned and trimmed. Many species will go completely dormant during fall and winter while others are evergreen. Timing is everything with tree trimming, so it's important to know when to prune and how much to trim.

Pruning certain limbs off the trees and trimming them back is a lot of work. If you prefer to hire someone to take care of it for you, call the New Jersey tree experts at Metro Tree Care. We are available to help you prepare for fall and winter.

We can come as often as you need it, not just for fall and winter preparation. In fact, we have homeowners all over New Jersey who call us to take care of their trees after storm damage. We know which trees and shrubs need to be trimmed right now and how to do the work right. We can also help you with tree removal service in New Jersey.

Removing Unwanted Or Dying Trees

Before our New Jersey landscapes are covered with ice and snow, any unwanted or dying trees need to be removed. You don't want to risk having a dead tree fall on the roof as the moisture-laden branches get heavier.

But removing a tree is a task that best left to the professionals. It takes special training and the right heavy equipment remove trees safely. Even tree trimming is dangerous for most homeowners to do themselves, and the structures on the property are also put at risk.

Trimming Shrubs Before Winter

Trimming shrubs can be done just about anytime, but it is best to take care of it before winter. And once the weather gets too cold in New Jersey, even evergreen shrubs won't be growing much so now is the time. Trim them back and shape them now so there's no unsightly overgrowth left over the many months to come.

Any bushes or shrubs that touch the building or windows should be trimmed back. You want to keep space between the shrubs and any structure on your property or the growth could damage your home. Some evergreen shrubs will produce fruit soon, so shaping and trimming them now is important. You do want those pretty hollies to grow those brilliant and beautiful red berries, so don't risk cutting off the buds by waiting to do the trimming.

If there are any bushes growing that you don't want or are turning out to be pesky, now is the time to remove them. If you've never removed a bush, you don't know how big of a hole it creates and how deep those roots really are.

Professional Tree & Shrub Service In New Jersey

Tree surgery, tree removal, tree pruning, tree topping, shrub trimming, and bush removal are services we offer at Metro Tree Care. You don't have to break your back doing this hard work when there are professionals like us who would be glad to do it for you. Call our specialists at Metro Tree Care for an estimate today because it won't be long until winter arrives. We offer competitive rates, have all the tools and equipment needed, and have the expert skill.

If you are looking for an expert for tree trimming in New Jersey, then please call 201-478-3240 or complete our online request form.

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