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Need Tree Care Service In The North Bergen?

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Taking care of the trees on your property is a great way to beautify the landscape. Tree care may include trimming, standard pruning, crown reduction, fine pruning, or removal.

Have you taken a look at the health of your trees? Are they overgrown or dropping dead limbs? If they aren't in good shape or you have a dead tree that needs removal, call us. Metro Tree Care is the North Bergen tree care service company that others count on because of our 25 plus years of experience and first-rate customer service.

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Do You Need Your North Bergen Trees Trimmed?

It's amazing what tree trimming can do for a property. Overgrown trees can make a home look dark and spooky. The branches and shooters that don't belong can be trimmed away. Not only will the landscape look much better, the trees on your property will be much healthier.

Trimming is good for the health of trees because it cuts off unnecessary growth. All plants will send resources to these overgrown areas when they could be using the food and water for upward growth. Dead branches will only steal resources as they die and cause problems like infestation or disease. Your trees will be healthier and more beautiful than ever before when we are finished with the trimming.


Remove That Old Dead Tree Today

Don't wait until the old dead tree caves in on your house, vehicle, fence, or neighbor's property during the next storm. A dying tree is dangerous for humans and structures. It's also very unhealthy for the other trees on your property.

Removing the trees can keep other trees safe from insect infestation and disease. As a tree becomes unhealthy, it becomes vulnerable to insects and disease. By the time it's actually dying off, it has probably already spread these problems around.

Let us remove any unwanted or dying trees on your property today. Just give our New Jersey tree removal company a call for an estimate.

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If you would like an estimate for tree trimming or removal in North Bergen, New Jersey, please call 201-478-3240 or complete our online request form.

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