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Offering a Variety of Tree Services in New Jersey

Metro Tree Care is proud to be the local leading provider for various types of tree services in New Jersey. Although our New Jersey tree removal company name was launched in 2002, founder, Jim Finnigan, is a 3rd generation tree climber with over 25 years of hands-on experience. He is also present on each job to ensure that the highest level of quality standards are met for every client.

The bottom line is that you can feel comfortable knowing you are getting the best workmanship in the local industry. We focus our expertise on addressing the needs of residential clients. Call today to take advantage of any one of the professional services we offer.

tree removal new jersey

Tree Removal

There are plenty of reasons that you may need one or more trees removed from your property. Dead trees pose a threat to your home, you may need to remove trees to install and outdoor living space or any other number of possibilities. The important thing is to realize that we are the experts who can get the job done for you.

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Tree Cutting

tree cutting new jerseyTree cutting is usually another option used for removing a tree from your property. As opposed to taking the tree out in its entirety, the tree is cut down and removed in sections. A true industry professional can help determine which method would work best for your individual situation.

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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy and looking their best. This is the removal of dead, dying or otherwise unwanted tree limbs. Your tree will be healthier for it. Our professional New Jersey tree services team will ensure your trees are properly trimmed and pruned for optimum results. We have the experience to know the best trimming methods for different types of trees and growth.

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Tree Pruning

tree pruning new jerseyAnother method of keeping your trees looking their finest is through tree pruning. We can help trim back your young trees for shape or your developed trees for other essential reasons. The important thing is not to let it go too long.

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Tree Topping

In some instances, the only alternative that can be used for tree trimming is tree topping. Any respectable arborist tries to find a way around this, mainly because it poses a threat to the life of your trees. However, when this is the only route that you can take you need to know the work is carried out by true industry pros.

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Shrub Trimming

shrub trimming new jerseyJust like with your trees, your shrubs need to be maintained as well. The good news is that we can help take care of this as well. Keep your landscaping looking amazing and safeguard the well-being of your vegetation with professional trimming work.

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If you would like an estimate for tree services in New Jersey, please call 201-478-3240 or complete our online request form.

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